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Reduce pumping time or base pressure with a Polycold Cryochiller system. We provide design, sales, onsite installation, training and service.


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Vacuum Valves for basic High Vacuum to the most extreme XHV applications. We help you select the proper valves for your vacuum requirements.  



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Clean, Dry Vacuum Pumps for many applications. We offer the latest technologies to reduce energy consumption and improve productivity.



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Ebara Technologies

Leading edge exhaust management solutions consisting of dry vacuum pumps, turbomolecular pumps, point-of-use abatement, exhaust line heaters, vacuum hardware and related services.

VAT Valve

Focused single-mindedly on vacuum valve technology since 1965, VAT offers over 1000 standard products, plus special valves and integrated valve systems. 

Edwards CTI Cryogenics

CTI Cryogenics Cryopumps & Related Systems

Edwards Polycold

Polycold Fast Cycle Water Vapor Pumping Systems


High Vacuum Components, Custom Engineered Vacuum Chambers & Fabrication

Angstrom Sciences

PVD/Sputtering Technology & Materials

Kauman & Robison

The Ion Source Authority.  Broad Beam Ion Source Technologies- Gridded, Gridless (end-Hall) and RFICP sources for a multitude of applications.

Trumpf Huettinger Electronics

Manufacturer of advanced power supplies and accessories for plasma excitation, induction heating and CO2 laser excitation

MPF Products

Ceramic-to-Metal Sealing Technology- Hermetic Feedthroughs, Thermocouples & Multi-pin Connectors, Viewports, Electrical Isolators, and accessories


World leader in the manufacturing of Magnetic Fluid Rotary Motion Feedthroughs


Ferrotec & Temescal Electron Beam Guns, High-Voltage Power Supplies, E-beam Controllers, Accessories, Vacuum System Controllers

EMD Patinal

Advanced Evaporation Materials


Optical Monitoring Systems (OMS) for optical coating applications.  Laser Endpoint (LEP) Monitors for etch applications

Alicat Scientific

Mass Flow Control & Pressure Management

Cold Edge Technologies

Custom <4K to 1000K Cryostat & Cryocooler Systems

Applied Thermal Control

Versatile Range Of Compact And Quiet Recirculating Chillers, With Cooling Capacities From 0.5kW To 9kW. The Units Are Designed To Meet Stringent Manufacturers Requirements And Are Tailored To Their Applications.

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